[VIDEO] Drake Says He’s Looking For A Beyonce Type Girlfriend + Sidesteps Questions About Dating Rihanna & Tyra Banks

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With his third studio album ‘Nothing Was The Same’ officially in stores, Drake stopped by popular radio station Hot 97 and spoke with Angie Martinez. The Canadian born rapper (born Aubrey Graham), discussed his relationship with Will and Jaden Smith, if he has dated Rihanna recently and being ready for a relationship. Peep the excerpts and interview below.
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On wearing Jaden Smith’s shirt at the iHeart Festival:  
Jaden is like my little brother. He’s my guy, I look out for him. He’s such a good, good, good kid. They’ve done such an incredible job with him. He’s super talented, he has the brightest future out of anybody I know. He’s destined for greatness. We have a great relationship. The same way his dad has great advice for me, even though he doesnt need it because his father is Will Smith. I know he wants to do music, he is doing music right now, I know that its his passion, I try to give him as much advice as I can.
On advice that Will Smith, Jaden’s father, has given him:
He told me a lot of great things about acting and what it is to be a good actor. How it’s a lot simpler than you think. Really at the end of the day he was like, ‘really you just have to be in shape and be ready to cry and people will call you a good actor.’ He is always extremely supportive as well .
If he was actually having a dinner date with Rihanna recently: 
I was there, I was eating (at the same restaurant) I don’t know if she went there at the same time. I don’t know..
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Being spotted out with Tyra Banks at an amusement park:
It’s not that many, it’s not like that.
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On being ready for another strong female (potential relationship) in his life:
I’m ready for a strong female counter part to share all these experiences with. Why not? I get to go a lot of places and do a lot of great things, I would love to have somebody….Somebody like a B [Beyonce]. There’s nobody out there, you gotta point me in the right direction.
If he’d be in a relationship with Halle Berry, if she was available:
100% of course, what do you mean? She would be here right now. She would be here turnt to the max. She would be OVO and Tims. You would be like Halle just came in with Tims? What’s going on?
If Teyana Taylor could be a potential woman in his life: 
She’s sexy, she’s always been sexy. Its just like a childhood.. I need a partner in crime.
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