[INTERVIEW] Lala Anthony Talks the Perks of Marriage: ‘I’m married to my best friend.’


As a reality star, DJ, budding actress and many other resume accolades, Lala Anthony wears a number of hats. In addition to being a real basketball wife (no shade to one of our favorite VH1 franchises) to Carmello Anthony, she’s spreading her wings venturing into the book world (‘Love Playbook’) and pushing her Motives for Lala make-up line. Recently theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent Imani Ellis chatted with the New York native on the Black Girls Rock! carpet, getting the inside scoop on just how dope marriage is. Check out our conversation below.

How Married Life Has Changed Her:

Well you know for me I’ve been with my husband for 10 years now and we’ve been married for three and after all those years really much doesn’t change when you get married—but it is something inside you that knows, “I’m somebody’s wife now,” and that is a little bit of a bigger responsibility.  But, I’m married to my best friend and I’ve been with him for so long… since we were kids in a sense so it’s great that I’ve been with the same person for such a long time.

On advice she would give to young girls growing up right now:

I would just definitely say just be confident in yourself, be a leader not a follower. You know nowadays—I even see it with my nieces, so many of these girls are talking about each other and being catty and hating on each other—why not get together and support each other and uplift each other just like we do at an event like this. You know you get so much further that way than ‘kinda’ trying to bring people down.”

-@msnoellejones x Video: Shamya Lynne


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta