[VIDEO] Torrei Hart Spills Bedroom Secrets! Says Ex-Hubby, Kevin Hart Put It Down Sexually: ‘Thats why I gave him 2 beautiful children’

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Actress and comedian Torrei Hart is never far from funny. Hart recently sat down with the Afterbuzz TV crew and dished on what her dating experience is like (after being married to funny man, Kevin Hart), what their sex-life was like and her character’s portrayal on Real Husband’s of Hollywood. Check out a few favorite parts of the interview.

On dating Kevin Hart:

He’s does care about you too [in dating]. The same way we was on the show is the same way he is in real life.

On going through a man’s cell phone:

You have to go through the person’s phone. If they leave it you have to. I don’ trust nobody. I just don’t. 

 On dating after Kevin:

My expectation..loyalty, consistency, bring something to the table. You have to have a job. I ain’t nobody’s sugar mama. You know, funny. I still need funny. I cannot be with a man that is not funny. I’ve always liked funny men, even before Kevin. Because I’m silly. I have to have fun. I do stuff in Walmart. I’ll go have a race and throw stuff at people to see what they do. I’m a prankster, and I do stuff like that on the regular, so if I’m with a guy and he can’t have fun with me, I’m like ‘Nah you’re too serious’. Life is not that serious. Have fun. I just need a fun guy who is about his business, but is also about play.

 On being a prankster:

My ex-boyfriend…they have these pregnancy tests. I made him think I was pregnant. Oh yea, it’s right there at Oz. I was like, ‘Oh my god I can’t believe I’m pregnant’. And he was like, ‘I’m not ready for that’, and I said, ‘You better get ready cause we having this baby’. And I let it go for a little while, and then a couple days later I told him I’m lying.

On RHOH character portrayal:

Well, for one I told them you could have used my real name. But of course for legal issues they didn’t want to use the real name. So, it’s Torrei. It’s Torrei Hart, not Bridget. But you know she’s funny. It’s great TV. You have to enhance stuff for TV. Have I done crazy things? Sure. Of course, I was married to Kevin. Of course I’ve done some crazy things. We’ve both done crazy things. But you know it’s a great show and I like the character. It’s fine with me. It’s ok for me.


 On sex with Kevin:

If he’s putting it down, you’re going to do something crazy. Because you don’t want anyone else getting that. He did. That’s why I gave him two beautiful children and married his behind.  You marry people because there is a great relationship, but if the sex is not great then I’m sorry. That plays a big part in a marriage.

Check out the full interview.

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