[VIDEO] Love & Hip Hop’s Tara Explains Smacking Peter Gunz & His New Wife + If Mona Scott-Young Pays Cast Enough

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Giving the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Stevie J, Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez) love triangle a run for their money, Love & Hip Hop’s newcomer, Tara Wallace, is certainly in an uncomfortable position. With only 4 episodes in, these days she’s coming to grips with her ex-boyfriend/baby-daddy, Peter Gunz, exposing his cheating ways Monday nights on VH1. This week, she chatted with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club discussing what her relationship is like these days with Mr. Gunz, how she feels about her kids’ new step-mama Amina and if Mona Scott-Young is paying her enough for the show. Check out a few of our favorite parts below.

 On her current relationship with ex-boyfriend, Peter Gunz

We are not still together. But you know, we have two children, so that’s a bond that we will always have. And we will always have to communicate because of  that.

On smacking Peter’s new wife, Amina: 

The smack that you guys saw, was right after the smack she hit me with. The information was a smack. So I found that out in that moment, that they [Peter & Amina] were married.

On being physically aggressive with Peter, after learning he cheated:

I am from a very, very small town in Mississippi and I have 8 brothers so I’m used to throwin’ a slap or a punch.

On Peter’s allegations that Tara was the original side chick when they met and began dating years ago: