[VIDEO] Love & Hip Hop NY’s Peter Gunz Talks Love Triangle, Stevie J Comparison & Having 7 Kids With 5 Baby Mamas

Peter Gunz on the Breakfast Club

Some suggest that Love and Hip Hop NY introduced their version of Stevie J with new comer to the show, Peter Gunz. The grammy-nominated rapper seems to have more on his plate in the first two episodes then his Atlanta producer comparison encountered with his own love triangle. Between his babymother that he lives with and his artist/wife that he creeps with, our heads can barely keep up with their storyline let alone grasp the situation. The “most hated man in America”–Charlamagne tha God coined him—stopped by to address all his baggage starting with his dirty feet to his multiple kids and various baby mothers. Check out excerpts of the interview below:

 Charlagamne: Why were your feet so dirty the first episode? 

Right before we shot that scene believe it or not in that small apartment–y’all been killing me—there’s a small yard and I run around with my kids back there. When they were like Gunz we need to go, I’m not thinking like ‘let me wash my feet’ I’m like, ‘let’s go’ because I have to take a shower before the next thing. And multiple grains of dirt were on the bottom of my feet.

Angela Yee: So you were outside barefoot running around?

Running around, smoking a cigar, with my kids. Let me be clear it’s a very small backyard…we make due with what we got.

DJ Envy: What happened to the money, you were making money, you had one of the biggest records out at that time

We couldn’t clear that sample. We didn’t make any money so when you hear that song we don’t get a dollar, Steely Dan ate all that money. We had to pay them 105k to clear the sample and all the publishing. I made a song for the Bronx. The song was about the Bronx the hook was 16 bars, our verse was 26 bars, I didn’t throw that that record out to be a hit record.

 Charlagamne: So for all intensive purposes Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq were one hit wonders

Yes, listen I own that. That’s why when people are like ‘yo you’re doing Love and Hip Hop you’re messing up your legacy’. What legacy, one hit? I haven’t had a hit since Lincoln got shot.

What did you think about Rich Dollaz when you we’re watching him on the show [last season]? Did you come at him like ‘Rich yo you looking a little crazy’?

No, Rich came to me and asked me if I would do the show with him and people don’t believe me I get a lot of this ‘you’re trying to be Stevie J, you’re trying to be that’, I wasn’t watching the show. I’m an old man…you watch the show because your girl is watching the show so you watch it by default.

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Angela Yee and DJ Envy: Who is your girl?

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