[VIDEO] Love & Hip Hop’s Tara Explains Smacking Peter Gunz & His New Wife + If Mona Scott-Young Pays Cast Enough

Well, this is part of Peter’s continual cycles. I’m sure there’s always a triangle involved with Peter, and um, I was dating him. I was in graduate school. We were just dating for fun. We were friends and at some point we became friends with benefits. But again, I was in grad school, I was in New York for the first time. I was just tryna’ have fun. I thought he was a funny guy, so we were just kinda dealing with each other. I met him in 2001.

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On why she decided to join the show: 

When (Peter) came to me about doing the show, [it] was at the time Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was airing and we would look at each other then and be like, ‘are we really gonna do this?’ So I was just like, we, at that time, I’m like ‘we’re pretty boring’. I don’t know what they wanna follow. I didn’t know (that he was married to Amina). I’m just like, ‘what are they gonna follow? Us with the kids in the park? Us tryna get out on Mondays to have family day?’ Like I’m confused. Then I’m like okay fine lets be space fillers (since she thought they didn’t have a valid story line).

On if she’s heard rumors that Peter married Amina to help her with her green card process: 

As much as I would love to say that, I see a relationship. I don’t know anything about that. If that’s how I felt, that’s what I would be saying. I see a relationship there, anything less than “I wanna divorce her immediately to work out my family”, then there’s nothing else to talk about.

On if she would take Peter back:

Right now, no, no, no.

On if she would buy an Amina album:

Not even if Jesus asked me to do him a personal favor.

Watch the full interview below: