Love & Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith Chastises Young Black Bloggers For Slandering Her Name & Reporting False Stories

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Love & Hip Hop reality star Yandy Smith hasn’t been getting the best light when it comes to press surrounding her fiance, Mandeecees Harris. If you watched last season of the hit VH1 show, you’re well aware that he’s been in jail for the last few months or so surrounding alleged drug charges. Quite frankly, we don’t follow the case, but we’ve noticed that a few sites have reported information about him, along with his ex-girlfriend/baby-mama. And it looks like Yandy is fed-up with being what she considers slandered on urban blogs, specifically, young black bloggers. This week, she penned a pretty lengthy letter, expressing her disappointment and disdain for these type of reports. She wrote:

There are a few things I want to get off my chest today. I’ve been too busy to address a few rumors that have made their way to the blogs, but I feel it is necessary for me to address now. Certain blogs tend to report inaccurate

information and pride themselves on having the “inside scoop” or latest “breaking news” when really they don’t. I’m disgusted because more often than not it’s pure propagandafalse talesassumptions and pure buffoonery. I totally get it, some of your stories are for “entertainment purposes only and clicks”. However, how do you sleep at night knowing you are ruining lives, reputations and families over and over again?

I dare say, if we reversed the pen and wrote about you, including, all the lies you print how would you feel? Yes, we all have our situations and we all go through things, it’s called being human. However, some of us have enough truth that makes for good stories, so why lie? Why not confirm with the source before you print the defamation that so easily drips from your tongue? Most bloggers hide behind their computer screens with fake aliases and screen names. Is it because you’ve never had your own voice? Is it because your truth is too ugly to stand firm and proud of? Half the things you write about a person, if they were standing in front of you, you wouldn’t dare have the guts to say.

I’m most displeased with young black bloggers that are struggling and trying to build a career for themselves at the detriment of someone else’s livelihood, careers and family, that looks and struggles just like you. Haven’t we been put down enough? Why can’t we embrace one another? Haven’t we struggled so much to get where we are, and now you use your voice for this?!

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She also called-out specific blogs including Bossip, Baller Alert and Hollywood Street King.