Messy, Messy: Porsha Stewart Pissed At Wendy Williams, Throws Jabs At TV Hosts Husband + Gabby Sidibe Barks Back At Critics Poking Fun of Weight

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Talk show host Wendy Williams has pissed off yet another Atlanta Housewife. During her ‘Hot Topics‘ segment, the outspoken host dished a bit of constructive criticism about the newly divorced Porsha Stewart’s financial choices. To be specific, Wendy suggests that the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member made the absolute wrong move by renting an 8K per month home in a Georgia suburb. After watching this week’s episode, Wendy told viewers:

Why would you live out in the suburbs? What is the matter with you? Oh, I know. You’re trying to prove something by keeping up with the Jonses’? You’re the only one that believes that. And then she tried to keep it a secret from NeNe? Nobody’s impressed, Porsha…You don’t wanna live out there…Nobody’s impressed. We’re all looking like you’re crazy…

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Apparently, Wendy has been skeptical about Porsha after her embarrassing comments about the Underground Railroad. She added:

I’ve been looking like you’re crazy ever since, and you know where I’m going with this, the ‘Underground Railroad’ comment.

Ending her verbal lashing with personal advice, she explained:

Porsha, the best you can do, my advice to Porsha is to keep your mouth shut and very well. Sorry Porsha, you did it to yourself.

Here’s the clip. [Editor’s Note: Fast forward to the 8:00 minute mark for her thoughts on Porsha.]