[VIDEO] ‘About Last Night’s’ Regina Hall Gives Advice On Finding The Right Man


Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner, which means the romantic comedies are enroute. This week, Regina Hall and Michael Ealy stopped by Atlanta radio station, V-103, to promote their latest film, ‘About Last Night‘, which also stars Joy Bryant and Kevin Hart. In addition to the duo (along with producer Will Packer) chatting about their upcoming film (which happens to be hilarious), Regina weighs in on how black women can attract the right type of man, and a modest Michael explains how he REALLY feels about being a sex symbol in Hollywood. Peep the excerpts below.

[Regina] On black women finding the right guy: 

Well you know, I think you should search within yourself first. That’s the truth. I say you just go out into the world as your best self and you hope to meet that. I think black women are pretty phenomenal and I don’t think we know it. I think we’re bombarded with a lot of images that may make us think differently, but I think walking with that certainty as a woman…the good parts of you, the bad parts of you. All that makes you, you,walking into the world and presenting that as who you are as a being. You’ll attract that person. And you’re already phenomenal without him, but you can meet a somewhat equal.

[Michael] If he realizes how much of a sex symbol he is considered: 
No, I don’t. I really don’t. When I wake up in the morning, my breath stinks just like everybody else and I see myself and I’ve never been quite that impressed. So, I appreciate it.
Watch the interview below.

“About Last Night” opening in theaters February 14, 2014.
Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta