[WATCH] Magic Johnson Says He Still Has HIV, Denies Being Magically Cured by Doctor

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In 1991, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr. shocked the country when he announced that he was HIV positive. After a physical before the 1991–92 NBA season, the NBA baller discovered that he had tested positive for HIV. In a press conference, he made a public announcement that he would retire immediately. He stated that his wife Cookie and their unborn child did not have HIV, and that he would dedicate his life to “battle this deadly disease“. Fast forward to the present day and the 54-year-old business mogul continues to use his celebrity to educate the public about the disease. On Monday (February 10th), he visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to promote OraQuick, a home HIV test approved by the FDA.

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During his visit, he addressed long standing rumors that he no longer had HIV,
I still have it. It’s just laying dead in my body…When I first announced, it was only one drug…Now they have over 30. Early detection can save your life…If you do have it, you have enough drugs, you can live for a long time.
He also denies that he went to some magical doctor that cured him:
I’m not on some magical drugs. People think I am. That’s not true. I’ve been linked to so many ppl in 22 years…Man, I’m so blessed.
When asked if he was initially pissed at the person who gave him the virus, he explains that he was more concerned about his expecting wife, Cookie Johnson:
You definitely go back and you star thinking..but you can’t trace it. It can sit in your systerm…You don’t really know, but you have to contact everybody….
He admits that he had a lot of sexual partners before learning of his status, but jokes that it was nowhere near Wilt Chamberlain.
I don’t think I got to Will Chamberlain. The maing thing, my wife was pregnant at that time…So what did that mean for her and my son E.J.? Thank God that she was okay. The baby was okay.
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During the interview, Magic said that he’s pleased with his son, E.J.’s involvement on E!’s new reality show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. He shared that E.J.’s move to reality TV was strategic,
You know what’s funny, he only decided to do 4 or 5 episodes. Right now, people are coming at him right now to have his on show. The strategy paid off. He’s so excited.
When asked if he believes that people are born gay, he said that his son was born gay.
We knew he was gay a long time ago. Yes, I saw it in my son.
He added:
You know what’s cool about EJ? He loves himself. Very happy. Also very intelligent; knows what he wants. He’s got it. I’m proud of him.
Watch his full interview below.

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