[VIDEO] Sundy & Brandi Attempt To Reunite Cast + Watch Basketball Wives LA, Episode 5

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This week, the cast of Basketball Wives LA almost kissed and made-up. Both Sundy and Brandy put on their big girl panties and made an effort to bring the entire gang to Palm Springs. Although Brittish stayed behind (an executive decision was made by Sundy), the motive behind their girls get-away seemed to come from a good place.

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Jackie and Draya seem to have their usual issues with each other, which is typical if you’ve watched the last few seasons.

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At one point, Jackie told Brittish:

The mileage on her body is in the 40s. 50s! She’s really older. She’s used and abused herself to the point of no return so now you gotta man that’s willing to say, ‘Okay, you dirty, you filthy – come here. Let me bathe you and wash you cause you so dirty and filthy. And then we’ll buy you some stuff to make you look pretty.’ You know what I’m saying? But you cannot make a ho into a housewife.

Ouch! Anywho, watch the entire episode below.

Next week, a physical brawl ensues that we’re guessing was the turning point between the entire gang.

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 8.27.19 AM

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