[VIDEO] Kevin Hart Talks Blowing Money, Cheating & Marrying Girlfriend On ‘Oprah Prime’

Oprah Prime, Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart bares all, as he does his first sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, on her OWN series, ‘Oprah Prime‘. The 34-year-old self proclaimed ‘Comedic Rock Star‘ shared additional insight on his late mother (who died of cancer), blowing a TON of money early on when he was trying to become an actor and cheating on his ex-wife, Torrei Hart. Check out a few excerpts of some of our favorite parts of their conversation.
Feeling the spirit of his late mother: 
I’m not like a … over religious…I’m not at the church every Sunday … But what I am, I’m true to how I was raised. My mom beat God in my head. What I am, I’m true to my mom….It’s amazing…I feel like I’m coveted, for a lack of a better word. I feel like there’s something on my back…
Oprah Prime, Kevin Hart
His mother supporting him financially, at the beginning of his career: 
You got a year. you have one year to prove to me this is what you wanna do and you can support yourself…
Leaving Philadelphia to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles: 
Without a plan, I just picked..I said, In LA is where the opportunities are.
Blowing and losing money early in his career: 
You don’t know where it goes. You’re young. You know nothing about taxes. You’e taking care of people. Giving money out. You have no idea.
If he feels successful: 
I would be a fool to say I don’t…But there’s more. There’s so much more. I can’t sit across from you and not want what you have. It’s reachable.
Relationship with his Ex-Wife Torrei Hart 
Me and my ex wife are great now….
Being unfaithful in his first marriage, teaching him a lesson: 
Now in my relationship …I take the relationship element serious. I was young. I was 22 when we first got married….As a man, you get curious. I got curious. I don’t shy away from that.
Plans for marriage with girlfriend, Eniko: 
Five years now. It does matter. There was def a chip on my shoulder bc of the way my first one ended. But there’s a certain magical thing that comes with marriage. I will say, that with my lady now, I have something special….It’s definitely thought. Marriage definitely a thought.

Oprah Prime, Kevin Hart

Watch a clip of Kevin sharing a lesson his mom taught him about reading the bible.

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