Porsha Williams May Get Fired For Reunion Brawl + Kenya Moore Speaks Out

porsha stewart-may get fired-brawl with kenya moore-reunion-the jasmine brandAs we previously reported, an alleged brawl took place on Thursday (March 27th) while the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast filmed their reunion. Tempers flared and things got ugly between Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart. An insider tells us exclusively that Kenya was verbally taunting Porsha, poking fun of her marriage to her now ex-husband, Kordell Stewart. We’re told that after calling Porsha Kordell’s ‘Beard‘ a few times, things got physical with Porsha attacking Kenya.

So what’s the latest? According to a number of outlets, the alleged fight may have resulted in a pink slip. According to TMZ, Porsha was already on the ‘outs’ of not returning, as her storyline was categorized as being uninteresting. Allegedly, some of the producers feel like the ‘Flatline’ singer is now more trouble than she’s worth.

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Meanwhile, a source tells Radar Online that Porsha’s employment on the hit show hasn’t been determined one way or the other.

She has not been fired. Obviously it’s not good what she did. It’s not the sort of thing that any parties want. The women were embarrassed. No one wants this sort of thing to happen, but the thing is with the reunions, they’re not going to make a decision today.

The source added:

At the end of every season, everyone’s getting evaluated on [if] they go forward for next season. Was she fired? No. Would she potentially be? Who knows? Anything is possible right now, clearly. They wouldn’t make a rash decision like that. They just shot the reunion. A lot of conversations have to happen, so no decisions have been made yet.

Reportedly, the fight wasn’t a long-drawn out sort of situation. Sources report that the fight was broken up quickly and Porsha was ‘very remorseful’ after it happened. Porsha was not escorted offset, as some reports initially suggested.

To date, cast members have remained pretty tight-lipped.

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Friday afternoon, Kenya tweeted

#Teamtwirl one thing u will NEVER see me do is fight. Your brain and tongue are your most powerful weapons.

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Only time will tell who will or will not return. But what are YOUR thoughts? If Porsha initiated the physical fight, should she be fired or is Kenya ultimately responsible? 

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