Awkward Much? DJ Envy Confronts DJ Drama During ‘The Breakfast Club’ Interview



Popular morning show, The Breakfast Club, had an awkward moment while interviewing one of their guests. On Thursday, April 10th, things got a little weird when DJ Envy (1/3rd of the show) confronted their guest, well-known DJ and music industry exec, DJ Drama. Apparently, these two had been friends for quite some time, when a business decision made by Drama upset Envy. While the situation occurred over two years ago, the two never had a heart-to-heart. Check out the conversation below.

Dj Envy: When I left Hot [Hot 97], and we came over here it was a fight for our lives. A lot for artists weren’t f*cking with us but it was all cool…During that time, we all came together and said we are going to do a Breakfast Club Dj Drama Tape and we were all excited about that. So Charlamagne was reaching out to artists, I was reaching out to artists, got a bunch of songs done then all of a sudden the tapes not being done anymore. I was like ‘Damn, why what happened’…no call, no word, no nothing…then I hear well Dram’ said he cant do the tape because if he does the tape, a other radio station wont play his record. Then I’m like ‘Damn, he cant even call me and tell me?’ …

Dj Drama: Forreal, Forreal, at the end of the day…I was in a very awkward position and situation in this NY radio station situation. I was put in a position on a lot of sides where I felt like I was caught in the middle, where I didn’t want to be and it became awkward for me. Now, if I never gave you the phone call Envy, I’ll put it to you right here, I apologize. You my n*****, you my man, we always been good and we’ve always been 100. So, outside of that when it comes to politics between the two stations, for two almost three years I got caught in something I had no intentions of getting caught in. It left me in a very awkward position and I didn’t know what to do until I was able to get good on both sides.


Dj Envy: I get it but before you were good on both sides, Drama, you was invited up here a million and one times. And not for nothing there is no competition for The Breakfast Club, there is a one market and there’s people that’s on 20 markets and someone that’s on 60 markets. During that time, we was fighting for our lives… It wasn’t the breakfast club as it is now…but I reached out to my guys that I thought would say,  F* the radio politics, that’s my n****. 

Dj Drama: I know but that doesn’t have anything to do with me though….I wasn’t in the position to say that only because before that I was put in a position where I got banned period. I couldn’t do nothing, I couldn’t come in the building, couldn’t play records, I couldn’t do nothing… At that point, I didn’t even know it was going to be like that. So when the situation came and arose for that mix-tape, I was also put in another situation. I had to listen to my record label, I had to listen to the people around me that was like ‘ Yo, you have to think about these moves you make so you can still come to The Breakfast Club and then still go across the street.’ Even though I didn’t do the tape, did the tape ever come out though?


Dj Envy: No we didn’t do the tape, we was doing a tape because it would be the first time that Dj Drama would’ve done a tape without a new artist. We could’ve did it with anybody but we didn’t want to do that…I could give a f* about the tape but I considered you someone I had your number in my phone. 

Dj Drama: I consider you my friend too.  But I swear we’ved talked since then.

Dj Envy: No we haven’t.


CharlamagneSo ya’ll not friends anymore, what do you consider Drama, envy right now?

Dj Envy: Drama, he could apologize, we good. 

Dj Drama: Envy’s my man, I didn’t know Envy felt that way about that and I apologize for that.

Dj Envy: Enough said.


Now that the ‘Breakfast Club Court’ has ceased, watch the full interview below:

[Power 105.1, The Breakfast Club]




Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta