Kevin Hart Tells GQ Why His Career Has Come Full Circle

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Kevin Hart continues his Hollywood reign, chatting with GQ Magazine. The 35-year-old self proclaimed ‘Comedic Rock Star’ chats about keeping his circle tight, watching his career full circle and his plans to launch an online site.

How he initially struggled with writing jokes: 

I didn’t know how to write a joke. I just had thoughts: the pervert guy on the bus who wants to grind on people. Or: black people who get Chinese tattoos and don’t know what they say, walking around with salt/pepper/ketchup on their arms.
His relationship with ex-wife, Torrie Hart: 
We’re very happy in the Hart household right now.
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His career coming full circle:
I’m a firm believer that when your time is supposed to come, it’s going to come…I’ve been meeting the same people at all these studios, all the television networks—the same presidents, the same show runners, the same network execs—for damn near ten years. And now, it all comes full circle.
Why he’s an avid believer on keeping his circle tight with his initial friends (who refer to themselves as the Plastic Cup Boys): 
That’s why it’s so hard to infiltrate my system now, because I know that what I have around me is really genuine.
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Forecasting his business future and plans to launch an online platform: 
[our company] have the same capability of the Netflixes and the Hulus…Give Hart one to three years, I promise you, I will have something on the Internet that is game-changing. I can’t lose.
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