[VIDEO] Magic Johnson’s Openly Gay Son E.J., Feels Blessed Parents Accept His Sexuality

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Last year, E.J. Johnson (real name Earvin III Johnson), the son of Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr., publicly ‘came out’ about his sexuality. Since then, he’s been quite vocal about how supportive his family was about his sexuality. This week, the college student who moonlights on reality TV (Rich Kids of Beverly Hills) visited Bethenny, beaming about how his family has always been in his corner.

They were very supportive and I’m blessed that they supported me since day one and they never stopped loving me. They’re always there for me. And they certainly encouraged me to be myself. And express myself. And I love it.

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E.J. believes that his sexuality wasn’t a decision he made, but how he was born telling Bethenny:

Yeah, I don’t think you know anything shaped it or anything from society or nature. It was certainly

something that I always feel that, I was…And my parents could see that too.

Watch the clips:


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