[NEW MUSIC] BFFs Tiny and Shekinah Remix K. Camp’s ‘Cut Her Off’

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This is probably the funniest thing we’ve heard today. And it just may be the ’14 summer anthem LOL. If you love a lil ratchet music, this just might be up your alley.

Not only are they best friends in real life, they are BFF’s in the musical world. Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and her ‘Family Hustle’ cast mate, Shekinah Jo have dropped their first collaborative track. The two have remixed K. Camp’s ‘Cut Her Off’, switching the lyrics for women.

tameka tiny harris-shekinah jo-future album release party 2014-the jasmine brand

Tiny softly sings and rhymes:

I know that’s yo man hoe, he ain’t got no bands doe.
Steady stalkin a b*tch page wondering how did she do that? That Instagram boutique sh*t you got on b*tch is wack. I’m playin’ around in them M’s and they say that p*ss* fat. Ridin’ around in my city in the back of my Maybach. Now you know a b*tch spoiled, what you gon do with that? In and out this country, b*tch I got stamps.

Ha! Take a listen after the break.