[VIDEO] Ne-Yo On Cheating, Smoking Weed & Why He Isn’t Ready for Marriage

Angela Yee

Ne-Yo’s pen skills wrote our emotions out and helped us get through any love obstacle we faced with his honesty R&B.  Even when he transformed to his more pop phase he was able to get us pumped off his catchy tunes. Now back to his musical roots, the hat rocking  ladies man stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk his September 30th album release. Check out what the Motown A&R had to say about fatherhood and cheating, plus find out what new habit he picked up.

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On Fatherhood:

It’s inspired my grind, its definitely something that makes you get out there and work that much harder. Now if the ship sinks, everybody goes down. Before it was just me and it was like ‘If I go down, I can re-up later own.’ Now I have two people that depend on me that didn’t ask to be here. If I have to stay in the studio a few hours extra, so be it.

His Heartbreak Songs:

I definitely went through a point where I wrote songs about heartbreak and all of that, understanding that love is a difficult thing and anything worth it is never going to be easy. Not depressed but more trying to figure out who I am in the realm of relationships.

Ne-yo Breakfast Club

Def Jam Making Him Keep His Hat On:

It was one specific situation and it was the BET Awards, when Michael past away, they felt like the world wasn’t ready for this dome. I don’t take stuff like that personally. They were like ‘Maybe you want to keep the hat on.’

Why He Started Smoking Weed:

I’m famous for not being a good drinker, which is why I started smoking [weed]. I’m still illegal with it. I’ll be 35 this year and because I never had.


On Marriage:

Someday, 35 is just the number of years, I’ve been on this planet. First of all I still have a lot of maturing to do and I’m aware of it. I’m not ready for all that, one day I will be.

On cheating:

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels