[EXCLUSIVE] Lil Mo & Boyfriend Karl ‘Dynamite’ Planning Reality Spin-Off Show

Lil Mo: Far as networks, that will be up to my management and what the lawyers work out. As of now I am contracted to ThinkFactory Media. But professionally I can entertain all inquiries. Strike while the iron is hot.

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Jasmine BRAND: If you could compare your relationship with your boyfriend to any other Hollywood couple, who would it be? 

Great question. We always joke and play on the phone like we on the phone with Kim and Kanye like “yoooo where yall at? We coming for yall spot. On a more hood level”.  Reason being is, I don’t know what Kim does to Kanye, but no one has brought him that peace that I see over his life. I don’t over analyze or involve myself in others relationship. You NEVER know what someone is dealing with. But being as though, Kim has taken a few trips down the aisle, as I have too. Man, listen. When the ONE finds YOU and locks you down. Not for no other reason but to make sure you are happy. Provided for and protected.  You just roll with it. I have apologized to myself for all the stuff I allowed the past 12 years I was a slave to my own foolishness.

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Jasmine BRAND: Any other news you’d like to share?  

Yes. I have a tell all book called “Taming Lil’ Mo”. I have an album called “The Scarlet Letter” coming in 2014. Also, gearing up for season 2 of R&B Divas LA to air July 16. That show has afforded me the opportunity to be in a movie called “Who can I run to” by Paul Hannah. As well as be a animated character on Adult Swim’s series “Black Dynamite”. The world is officially my garlic butter crab legs and lobster. I don’t eat Oysters. Ahahhahahaaaa.

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