[VIDEO] Angie Martinez Reveals Why She Left Hot 97, ‘I’m not disloyal — It’s business’.

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Last week, New York radio fans were shocked to learn that popular radio personality, Angie Martinez, had resigned from Hot 97. A day later, fans of the ‘Voice of New York’ were stunned to learn that she had accepted an offer at 97’s competitor, Power 105. Today (June 24th), Angie made her first ‘public’ appearance of sorts, discussing her ‘controversial’ career move on The Breakfast Club.  Check out a few excerpts.

Why she left Hot 97:

Honestly, it was time for me to grow and do new things….This company offers so much opportunity for growth and I wanna be on in different cities….I wanna be able to grow and I wanna have new challenges and see new things….It was time and I feel I’ve done what I can do in that company and I think my friendships remain and I never really subscribed to cuz somebody else works somewhere else, we hafta be enemies…

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How she kept it a secret that she was leaving and coming to Power 105: