[VIDEO] Angie Martinez Reveals Why She Left Hot 97, ‘I’m not disloyal — It’s business’.

Well, first of all, I’m a vault. Anybody that knows me, like my friends know you can trust me with anything ‘cuz I really don’t believe in telling secrets. I believe everybody has a friend. So If I tell you something, and I trust you, you got a friend that you’re trusting….So I really,when it’s time to hold something in, I hold it down. I didn’t want opinions, cuz everybody got an opinion…So, I said nothing to nobody.

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If she’s seen the social media chatter:

Very light….I feel like that’s noise…I just wanna work, I just wanna move forward and I don’t wanna get caught up in too many opinion.

People saying she’s disloyal for leaving: 

Well that’s stupid…It’s business and people leave jobs all the time and I’m not disloyal, I’m extremely…I put how many years down of my life for that company…

First people to react and congratulate her: 

Everybody and I was not prepared….Rihanna sent me flowers and I was surprised by that…A bunch of people did and I was so happy because you never know….The reaction was overwhelming, it took me like a day….

Watch the full interview below.

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