OWN’s ‘Love in The City’ Launches Campaign For 2nd Season

Kiyah Love in the CityA new petition has been launched in the hopes of bringing back the OWN show, Love In the City. The non-scripted show featured Kiyah Wright, Bershan Shaw, Chenoa Maxwell and Tiffany Jones. Similar to other reality TV plots with remnants of Sex and the City it’s centered around their roller coaster love lives, demanding careers, and over 10 year friendship that keeps them sane through it all. They have the relatable storyline, right? Well viewers and the network felt otherwise and the reality show sans ratchetness is in fear of getting the official boot off of the OWN Network. However the ladies who promote independence and unity among women compared to any series on VH1 want to prevent that from happening. This week, the cast members posted the following message:

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels