[VIDEO] K.Michelle Calls Lil Kim Petty: She should be breastfeeding + Blasts Soulja Boy

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If there’s one thing K.Michelle is NOT afraid of, it’s speaking exactly how she feels. And whether you agree with her two cents, the singer/reality star consistently shares her point of view, right or wrong. This week, she visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and let a few celebs have it. Specifically, K is explaining why she’s so upset with Lil Kim (their disagreement began on Twitter) and she has a new bone to pick with rapper Soulja Boy. K also discussed her summer beef with Elle Varner and how the ‘Refill’ singer allegedly stole a record from her. Check out a few excerpts.

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If she’s dated Meek Mill:

I’ve never slept swung on his pool, his thang…I’ve never slept with him. We go in the studio, we flirt…We coulda slept together, we never had….

elle varner talks beef with k.michelle and no curve zone pic with meek mill the jasmine brand

On Elle Varner trying to immulate her:

Next thing I know, she on couches turning up, going ham on people and I’m like whoa…Even management was like ‘Whoa’.

Record Disagreement With Elle Varner (click here for the backstory):

I said ‘Oh no, you can’t put that out. That’s my record’. I’m the only b*tch yodalin’ in these hooks and stuff. You can’t do this. So she went and put it out.


Public spat with Lil Kim (click here for the backstory):

Kim has my number..You’ve even talked about me being the god mother to your daughter…

Beef with Lil Kim Fans:

I went and tweeted, ‘F**k all you lil kim fans, you muthaf*ckas aren’t going to tell me what to say…B*tch, tryna get a moment, neither one of us was there, muthafucka….At least I’m in the studio working…You been in the game…I’m not bothering no body. They come for me cuz they know Imma say something…..I look up to you….you know how much I respect you, Kim.

He she feels the spat with Kim could have been handled: