[Audio] Charlamagne Says Wendy Williams Diss Hurt Him: I could NEVER talk bad about her!

Charlamange The God Hurt By Wendy Williamd Diss-the jasmine brand

If you’re a vintage fan of Wendy Williams (meaning the days prior to her on daytime TV) chances are you’re aware of her uber popular days on radio — some of which included her co-host Charlamange Tha God (who is now 1/3rd of Power 105’s The Breakfast Club). And if you heard the recent diss given to Charlamagne by Wendy, chances are you may have been extremely surprised (back story–during a radio interview with the Elvis Duran Morning Show, Wendy was asked about Charlmange…Her response was ‘Charlmagne Who?’). Listen to the audio below.

On the recent Brilliant Idiots podcast (a weekly show starring Charlamagne and Andrew Schulz), Charlamagne reacts to Wendy’s ‘Charlamagne who?’ comment. In short, the outspoken personality is shocked and hurt. He explained:

I pride myself on being the nicest person in the room or being the nicest person to people…So when you try to play me like, I’m a f*cked up individual, I did something foul to you — that’s what bothers me. And that’s why it hurt me this week, when Wendy Williams was on the Elvis Duran show.

He shares one of the lessons that Wendy taught him, that he recalled telling Elvis:

You gotta make a decision, if you’re of the industry, you’re gonna give a f*ck with what Nicki Minaj thinks about you or what Lil Kim thinks about you or her fans think about you…You’re gonna wanna get invited to their album release party….You’re gonna wanna be on their good side. F*ck all that. I’m Team Charlamane, Team Breakfast Club. I speak for the people. Imma ask the questions people wanna know and Imma talk like people talk. That’s it.

Despite some thinking he has a tough-guy persona, he absolutely says hearing Wendy’s remarks hurt him:

It hurt man, I can’t even front, it hurt. I was like ‘What the f*ck!’ You know why it hurt…Exactly, I give a sh*t….And the fact that I don’t have a clue as to why, we don’t f*ck with each other. Like her husband,

literally sent me a text message one day like ‘I don’t f*ck with you no more, don’t call me whatever, whatever…’ I called him back, he did not answer the phone…That was like Feburary of 2010…We haven’t spoken since…Straight up.

Charlamagne and Wendy Williams beef-the jasmine brand

Charlamange says that he actually lived with Wendy, telling listeners:

I use to live with her…When she got inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, I’m the one that gave her introduction speech…

One of the looming questions is what motivated Wendy’s comments. Charlamagne doesn’t believe it’s jealousy:

She has the number one daytime television show, which makes it all the more confusing to me.

When Charlmagne’s co-host Andrew attempts to criticize Wendy, he defends her saying:

Don’t do that…That woman, put me in the position that I’m in today…I could never talk bad about her…I could never talk bad about her husband, Kev. Like I don’t give a f*ck what issues they got with me…Why they feel like they don’t f*ck with me, they don’t know who I am anymore. I could never speak ill of them because of the position they put me in….If you’re family to me, you’re gonna always be family to me.

Listen to his comments about Wendy’s diss.

Here’s a clip of an interview theJasmineBRAND.com did with Charlmagne earlier this year, about Wendy:

Charlamange also shares why he believes Nicki Minaj is upset with him. He says it’s because he voiced his displeasure with her single, Anaconda.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 9.24.54 PM

He explains:

I know she got upset when I said I thought Anaconda was corny. But my exact synopsis on Anaconda when it first came out was: ‘I’m not really feeling this record. It’s not for me. It’s for girls, it’s for kids, it’s for people who like to shake their ass.’ I said when the video comes out, I will probably appreciate this song more. But I said, ‘This song is going to work, I just think its corny.’ That’s what I said.

He continued:

Then, when the BET Awards came around I said I think Iggy Azalea should have won best female hip hop award artist….I still feel that way. I also said during that time period that Nicki Minaj is the King of New York because when I saw her perform at Summer Jam, I’m like, ‘Yo, she really own that motherf*cking stage.’ She had the records…she was really dominating. If being the King of New York still means something, she was the King of New York. Therefore I’m an objective fan.

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