[Never Ending Lawsuit] Nicki Minaj Wig Maker Terrence Davidson Continues Legal Battle (EXCLUSIVE)

Terrence Davidson-Wig Maker-Continues Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj-the jasmine brand

Nicki Minaj’s nasty $30 million dollar legal battle with her former wig maker is far from over — he is now slapping her with a federal court appeal, in his attempt to collect millions in damages from the rapper.

As previously reported, the rapper/singer was sued by her former wig maker Terrence Davidson for 30 MILLION DOLLARS — in which he claimed his wigs made Nicki the star she is today.

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Davidson accused the singer of cheating him out of millions, by stealing his designs and marketing them for herself. He also said that she talked him out of a multi-million dollar reality show deal because she told him it would ruin their partnership.