Meagan Good Receives Backlash For New Movie: I felt so incredibly attacked!

Meagan Good-Criticized For Massacre Short Film-the jasmine brand

Meagan Good has received some backlash over a new short film, Dead Diaries- Massacre, that she directed and starred in. The film also stars Yin Chang, Karrueche Tran, Michael Franklin, Jeremy Howard, Micky Shiloah, Chadwick Armstrong, Chad Addison, James Allen McCune, Hector David Jr.

We combed through her comments (there were LOTS) and it appears that some weren’t a fan of Meagan being a Christian and the content of the film being about Halloween. We also spotted a few commenters questioning why Karrueche Tran was in the flick. Nonetheless, Meagan posted a lengthy Instagram message, sharing her feelings about some of the negativity received by naysayers. In fact, the actress believes that she may have overreacted by attempting to defend herself within her comment section.

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She writes:

Part 1.) I learned something last night .. Something I already knew .. But perhaps needed to be reminded .. With every new level -there is most certainly a new devil. Yesterday I felt so incredibly attacked .. I acted too quickly and didn’t consult with Dad before I responded .. I felt that in my spirit ..You see, I responded defensively ..instead of continuing to stay focused and letting Dad put in perspective for me, how I should feel about all of this … I knew the message I reposted from another young woman wasn’t completely accurate.. But I understood the intention and the heart of it .. and instead of really thinking it through -I assumed that others would too… But I have to remember that there are those who are committed to misunderstanding me ..and wanting to see me fail. Those that would claim they’re coming to me in love, but their approach has been nothing short of abusive.