Wendy Williams Is ‘Proud’ Of ‘Aaliyah’ Movie: You really can’t win! [VIDEO]

Well, I must tell you — whether you loved or hated, you watched. It was the second highest rated movie on all of cable this year so far. Not just Lifetime … but all of cable.

See the clips.

Part 1

Part 2

In an interview with the Associated Press, she shared that

as a black woman I was proud to show that Aaliyah came from a two-parent family, which many of us don’t.

She also addresses critics who feel that the film down-played R.Kelly’s inappropriate involvement with the late singer. In fact she says the film “painted R. Kelly, (who married Aaliyah when she was 15), in a more tasteful light than perhaps others would, and I think it was extremely tasteful not to show her going down in a fiery wreck.”

She adds:

I think when you do a movie about people’s favorite, whoever that favorite is, people are always going to have some criticism. You really can’t win for losing kind of sort of.

As previously reported, the film received some backlash surrounding the casting, music and what some suggested was a rushed ending. Click here for the backstory.

An encore of the film premieres tonight on Lifetime, at 8 p.m. EST.

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