(EXCLUSIVE) V.Stivano To Be Grilled About Racist Recording & Relationship Donald Sterling in Trial

V. Stiviano attends a launch party in Beverly Hills, California

Donald Sterling’s alleged mistress V. Stivano is being dragged into his legal battle with the NBA. theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports that Stivano will have to take the stand under oath during the upcoming trial and answer questions about the the infamous recording she made.

Last month, Sterling was countersued by the NBA last month, demanding damages for what he has cost the NBA in his attempt to block the sale of the LA Clippers. In the suit, it reportedly pointed out Sterling’s initial agreement to sell the team to Steve Ballmer including a provision that indemnified the league from future claims brought by him, Shelly Sterling, or the Clippers. According to the docs, the league’s already racked up hefty expenses, which continue to mount.