K.Michelle Fesses Up About Relationship With Idris Elba: We were together for 8 months. [VIDEO]

Well, yeah. He had the baby and it was just kinda like I’m not gonna be in the middle of this. So, I walked away from it. Let me tell you this, it’s another woman involved. What kinda woman am I to say, ‘Leave your family. Come be with me.’

The Harpers Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards 2013

Is he in a relationship with his baby mama? 

Ummm, I think now….I think as a woman, I did the right thing….He didn’t necessarily do me dirty…Like we like to put these celebrities on this pedestal. Like they not human. And yeah, he gorgeous, I mean but he not God. Idris, more rowdy than me….All his fans is mad at me, like don’t be mad that I slept with your Man Crush Monday.

Was his baby mom calling you? 

No, cuz he’s doing the right thing.

He hit you on social media, didn’t he?

No. I met him out and he said with that accent, ‘Hi K.Michelle, like I think that you’re beautiful.’ When I met him out — at the Soul Train Awards….I thought he was fine, but I never liked him…. I told him, he laughs, I said, ‘Your jeans too tight and the accent is funny.’ And it’s not for me.

KMichelle-Idris Elba Relationship-the jasmine brand

How long did y’all date? 

Like 8 months…I never thought that I wanted a man’s man but after him…I like the suits. I never could see myself going outside of that and God let everything happen for a reason.

Did you and Idris ever get to the point where y’all were having unprotected sex? 

Oh, I’m not going there.

Was he telling you, ‘You’re my girl?’

He was telling me that we were going to have a future….Regardless of anything, me and him will always have a bond of creativity and a bond of, he just taught me new things that I wasn’t, use to.

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