Johnny Gill Took A Lie Detector Test To Prove He’s Not Gay [VIDEO]

johnny gill

Let’s be honest, for years, gay rumors have followed talented singer Johnny Gill. And while the New Edition member has always been loved and praised for his talents, he could never quite shake the pesky gay rumors off. While promoting his new album Game Changer (in stores today), he stopped by “the most dangerous morning show,” and sat in the hot seat while host of The Breakfast Club didn’t hesitate to question him on his sexuality.

In his open-book interview, he reveals he actually did a lie detector test and also compared his situation to that of Bill Cosby’s. Check out excerpts below.

Taking a Lie Detector Test:

Johnny Gill: It wasn’t about the people I wanted to prove it to. I was dating my ex and I remember her coming back to me one day “I’m hearing all this stuff about you and Eddie [Murphy]…” and I was like “do you believe this” and she goes, “no.” So my thing was I’m not laying in bed next to a woman that i’m supposed to be

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels