(EXCLUSIVE) Magic City Hits Ex-Strippers With Federal Lawsuit!

The dancers filed a federal lawsuit demanding they be paid the minimum wage owed over the years and blasted Magic City for violating federal labor laws.

Then on December 19th, Magic City responded to the legal battle. The club reportedly explains that the girls are not “employees” and they didn’t have to pay them wages. They then filed a counter-lawsuit against all the exotic dancers suing them, claiming they breached the agreement with them and they are demanding the strippers pay damages for filing their lawsuit.

According to the court docs, Magic City says that any dancer who wishes to work at the club pays a fee to rent the dance floor. They say the dancer chooses their own hours and are allowed to end at anytime.

Magic City Files-Lawsuit-Ex Strippers-the jasmine brand

Further, they say every dancer signed an agreement with Magic City which specifically states they are independent contractors and cannot take any legal action against the club. Magic City is demanding a court order a judgement against the strippers for breaching the deal.

Interesting to note, the deal states the dancers are responsible for all props and costumes needed, anyone who signs agrees that they are a skilled dancer and doesn’t need training or instructions on how to strip, and they are to maintain the body type they had when they signed the deal or their contract will be terminated. See the exclusive court docs.

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