Celebrity Cup Cakin’: Actress Meagan Good & Hubby DeVon Franklin Spotted in Jamaica [Photos]

Had to end the year with a new adventure…my first time on jet-skis…the first few mins on that water were scary but what learned was instead of fearing the waves…when I hit the wave with the power of the jet-ski I flew over it instead of it overtaking me. Made me think of life. We all are on the sea of life and there will be still parts and there will be waves. Instead of fearing the waves… what about trusting our faith and knowing God will use that to propel us higher than we’ve ever been before. And being able to do this with my partner in life made all the difference in the world. When you have the right person by your side, you can make it through anything. 2014 is in the rear view…2015 here we come!

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As I released my lantern into the beautiful sky and stars above, I prayed ..and I thanked God for every single moment of 2014 ..and every moment of every year before … The growth and maturity ..the personal revelation .. …vision .. The moments of pain .. hopelessness and helplessness .. .. The moments of supreme joy ..and peace .. the moments of total confidence, hope and faith.. It’s been such an incredible journey and testimony thus far .. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve been through and I am going through -that has molded me into the woman I am today and becoming .. I’m so humbly thankful for my awesome family and the people I can truly count on to love me unconditionally and have my best interest.. I am deeply amazed by this love I have and love I receive, from my incredible, beautiful husband and partner-in-purpose ..And I am overwhelmed with the eternal love and adoration I have for my heavenly Father, my Creator and my best friend. … Thank you Lord (Dad) for this most incredible adventure .. I look forward, like a child, to this next chapter of destiny …for me, my loved ones and all your children everywhere. .. Thank you for being Faithful. HAPPY BLESSED 2015 ALL!

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