Celeb Publicist Kita Williams Threatens to Sue Terrell Owens: Terrell is completely out of order!

done more than catch footballs. And it’s unfortunate because they hear him say things that make them think that our characteristics are a bit shaky, it’s messing with my professional lifeline and my brand. So, if he continues to do that, I will sue. Because at the end of the day, Terrell Owens didn’t make me. This chick right here has an MBA before you boo. And I will continue to move forward. So, love light, many lessons and Blessings. And all I’ll say is I wish him well and I just want him to do the same for us.”

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If she’s tried to reconcile with T.O.: 

I wish I could tell you why he’s upset? And if you saw Celebrity Apprentice, they eliminated him because he didn’t raise any money. And the hard part about that is you have to look at that from the perspective of, you’ve been in this business with multimillionaires, athletes, celebrities. You’ve hob knobbed with so many and you couldn’t get a couple of checks beyond $2,500? So, it says a lot of the seeds you’ve planted in the past. And the bridges you’ve burned. It has nothing to do with Monique and Kita. It has everything to do with Terrell Owens the man. With his baby mama drama, to his problems on the field with his quarterbacks and his teams, we’re not the issue!”

On suggesting T.O. appear on Iyanla: Fix My Life

We set that up for him blindly, because we felt like he needed it. We felt like he needed to see himself and fix it!

If her issues with T.O. can ever be resolved: 

Monique and I will speak the truth and when he’s ready to sit down and talk. I’m ready! Because the lies that he’s telling right now, are really getting on my nerves!


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