RHOA’s Demetria McKinney Doesn’t Need An Engagement to Feel Secure: I ain’t worried about what everybody else thinks.

there are people that are about to go through a divorce; there are people who have got divorced and remarried; there are people with boyfriends you can not see them ever, ever ever.

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During the conversation, McKinney hinted that she was talking mainly about a cast member in particular.

It’s somebody who’s been coming for me really hard and who’s about to be in the single mother’s club. Like I want to be there for you, but I can’t help you while you try to hit me. It’s just really, really sad we have to come for each other like that.

It sounds a lot similar to the hostile words she exchanged the first day in Puerto Rico with Pheadra Parks, whose husband is facing prison time during this season and who was one of he main co-stars to voice her concerns about McKinney’s career and relationship.

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Tensions grew between the two during the last three episodes of the show when Pheadra asked McKinney if she did crack — a reference from McKinney’s role on Tyler Perry’s ‘House of Payne’ — and insinuated that McKinney was too old to be a singer. McKinney said she didn’t know how beef with Parks started.

I don’t know what happened. It’s like she just woke up like this, and it was aimed at me. Like, I came on trying to be nice to everybody.

With her kindness, came a warning.

There’s another level to the woman that you see in front of you, you know what I’m saying. But I try to keep it cute, I try to keep it classy, but I also want to let a broad know I got that fight, too.

McKinney also promoted her new track, “Trade It All.” The track follows her successful single, “Keep It 100,” which debuted number one on iTunes after she performed it on Sunday’s episode of the
show. According to McKinney, joining the popular reality show did the trick for her music career.

Like, I literally wanted to come on here to give everybody an opportunity to know who I was and get out the way. Them broads is crazy!

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