50 Cent Talks Tatted Up Holly, Strained Relationship With Son & Accuses ‘Empire’ of Stealing From ‘Power’ [VIDEO]

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50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo visited The Breakfast Club just in time for the release of their new EP, The Beast Is G-Unit.  Using the group’s momentum, they’ve opted to release an EP, as opposed to an album. 50 says:

It’s better to just give them something […] It creates the content that allows us to continue to shoot music videos to stay current virally. People are making different choices for entertainment.

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Of course, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy weren’t going to let the guys leave without getting their perspective on Lil Wayne’s beef with Baby & Cash Money Records. 50 explains:

I don’t know why it’s so much of a problem over there . They [MTV] asked me about Lil Wayne and Baby and I was like ‘No Comment.’ Your Pops – he can forgive you, but he may not necessarily forgive me – you see what I’m saying? It’s their personal thing. They [Lil Wayne and Birdman] have that father-son relationship.


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He even went so far as to say that they probably would have let go of Lil Wayne if it weren’t for that special relationship.

He [Birdman] paid him. I think their relationship is different. It can get blurry, and you can feel ‘this is our money’ – because it’s father and son, for a long time he put it into Wayne. Without a passion that a father has for his son, no one would continue to pour money into that.

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On the topic Fox’s EMPIRE, 50 remains adamant with his initial comments, stating that he does believe the show is being inspired by his series, Power.