Michel’le Recalls Dr. Dre Breaking Her Nose, Giving Her 5 Black Eyes & Cracking Her Ribs + Says Suge Knight Dislocating Her Jaw [VIDEO]

After her split from Dre, Michel’le says Suge became her confidant and she eventually “fake married” Suge while he was in prison. Apparently, Suge was already married to another woman.

Michel’le says that for the duration of their marriage, Suge was in prison for 6 1/2 years out of the 8 years that they were married.

I was naive…I always saw his good time….He didn’t drink and smoke at that time…

She also reveals that Suge did physically hit her once time, dislocating her jaw:

He open-hand slapped me and through my whole jaw out of…I had to go to [the] emergency…Backhand. He’s so strong that all this was over there….And it wouldn’t go back.

She adds that when she went to the hospital, she lied about how it happened:

I said I got hit by a football…At two o’clock in the morning….She knew it wasn’t true…

Michel’le discussed rumors about Suge’s involvement in the death of 2 Pac:

My honest opinion is, I think he took the credit. I’m sorry. There was no signs to me…

She also talks about the reason why she decided to do R&B Divas LA (Kelly Price convinced her to do the show), her current relationship status with Suge and how she had to take Dre to court to get him to pay his child support.

Watch the full interview.

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