(EXCLUSIVE) Ray Lewis’ Ex-Lawyer Blasts NFL Star’s $1.7 Million Fraud Lawsuit

The suit says that Lewis made sure that having his name attached would not affect him financially in anyway. Rosen explained to his client that none of his money would be used to invest and it would only be putting his name behind the project. Lewis agreed for his name and likeness to be used to attract investors.

According to the suit, in 2010, Rosen had Lewis sign a series of documents without explaining what they were. Lewis says he later found out that he signed bank documents to take out a $1.5 million loan and another $2.5 million loan, which he says he was never informed of when signing the documents.

The ex-NFL star states he learned about the loans in 2011, when Rosen approached him for $200k to fund his business venture. Lewis agreed to obtain another bank loan for $200k for a grand total of $1.7 million that his lawyer promised to pay him back.

However, he says that the business venture failed to launch and now he is still on the hook for the 1.7 million dollar loan. He filed the suit against his ex-lawyer for malpractice, breach of contract and fraud. He is demanding Rosen pay him back the 1.7 million + damages for his actions.

Then on April 16th, Rosen fired back at the former NFL star saying he was never his full time lawyer and calls Lewis his “business partner”.

Rosen explains that both of them made business decisions regarding the proposed entertainment complex. He says that Lewis was even a majority owner in the company with 47% stake in the business.

Ray Lewis Ex-Lawyer Blasts NFL Star 1.7 Million Fraud Lawsuit-the jasmine brand

The lawyer even blasts Lewis and his claims he was never informed of the risks of the business venture, claiming the NFL star is untruthful about not being aware of the documents he signed. He says that Lewis was advised by numerous people on his team including his financial adviser.

Rosen says Lewis was never duped or defrauded out of millions and was fully aware of what was going on with the business. He is demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out. See the exclusive court docs.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta