Baltimore ‘Mom Of the Year’: Explains Why She Slapped Her Son, ‘I just lost it’. [VIDEO]

Toya Graham

Toya Graham

Chances are, if you’ve followed the coverage of the violent and peaceful Baltimore protests, you’ve peeped footage of a Baltimore mother, getting physical with her son for his participation. The video has went viral swiftly, with some labeling her ‘Mom of the Year’, for disciplining her son in public.

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Toya Graham, the mother in question, as since been identified and recently spoke out about the incident. She says that she spotted her 16-year-old son in a crowd of teens vandalizing and looting. Toya, a single mother of six, tells “CBS This Morning“what happened after the video where she showed tough love for her son. She explains:

My intention was to just get my son and have him be safe. And at that point, I knew that whole scene was not safe. It wasn’t safe at all.

Toya says that she knew that kids would be congregating there:

He had told me the night before that everyone was supposed to meet up at Mondawmnin mall. And I said to him, Michael go to school. Don’t go to Mondawmin.


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