‘Married to Medicine’ Releases Trailer + Mariah Huq Reacts to Not Being Official Cast Member

Married to Medicines Mariah Huq Slams Producers For Her Departure-the jasmine brand

There’s one face missing from the official cast of Married to Medicine this season, Mariah Huq. For the past few months, there’s been behind-the-scenes speculation that she would not be returning to the hit BRAVO show.

Last November, we exclusively reported (click here for the backstory) that there was casting drama. In fact, at the time, a source close to Mariah told us that the production team (not to be confused with the network) was only interested in showing Mariah in conflict. As you’ll recall, the last two seasons, Mariah has had conflict with Toya Bush-Harris (season 1) and her former best friend Quad Webb-Lunceford (season 2).

Mariah Huq

Mariah Huq

Those close to her say they weren’t interested in showing other facets of her personal life. We’re told they didn’t want Mariah to show or share her most recent pregnancy, which sadly later ended in a miscarriage, with viewers. We’re told Mariah was asked to return, but believes they’d ‘diminish’ her horribly for ratings. Another source says that she was asked not to return, due to her being difficult to work with. In either case, sources say that she’ll still receive producer credit for the show.

Mariah posted the following Facebook message which may (or may not) allude to her not being an official cast member:

Been a rough year, but the ongoing Support from so many of you has been amazing! As naive as it may sound, I never thought people would use such a real & vulnerable time for their advantage, but you live & you learn. I do know what God has for you is for you. Not a person on earth can take or block a vision that he has given to you, and a creation that ‘s lawfully and rightfully yours. ?#?SideEye? I don’t believe God operates that way. Nope not my


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