Toni Braxton Talks Kardashian Comparisons & The Need For More Sex [VIDEO]

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton

Seven time Grammy award winner Toni Braxton sat down with Nancy Redd of Huffington Post Live to share what fans should expect from this season of Braxton Family Values on WE TV, the importance of health awareness, why her OBGYN says she needs to start using her vagina again, and how she feels about her family are being compared to the infamous Kardashian klan. Peep a few experts below.

What fans can aspect this season on Braxton Family Values:

The new season of Braxton Family Values, of course always drama, always some family secrets come out, but in the end, we always try to show we are family. We fuss and fight just like anyone else but it’s about love and staying together as a family in the end.

Braxton Family Values-Season 4-the jasmine brand

After seasons of Braxton Family Values, if there still family secrets to be revealed: 

 Yes, so many it’s a trough of us, I am one in five girls it’s a lot of babies there.

What she won’t share on TV: 

I will not share going to the bathroom.  Because if they could cover you going to tinkle they would and I am like, that’s off limits for me. ‘Can we go to the bathroom with you girls, you girls are talking, girl talk in the bathroom, girls can be in the bathroom for twenty minutes..’ We are like, ‘No!’ You cannot come in, we are in a meeting in the ladies room. No!

Tamar & Toni Braxton

Tamar & Toni Braxton

How she feels about the comparison of the Braxton sisters and the Kardashian’s:

Well, you know it’s actually ok. I love the Kardashians. You know what it shows, it shows family power. We kind of like that, so it’s a good thing. I do not think we are like the Kardashian’s though. The family doing the family thing on television and the reality show part is definitely similar. They were kind of trendsetters for us. The Kardashian’s helped us to get up on here.

If the reality show impacted her relationship between her sisters in a negative or positive way: 

Surprising both, there are moments when we have shot scenes and to much information was revealed; where things got tense and it caused friction in our family for a second and my mom had to get involved, but what it has done is, once we have gotten passed that we are even closer [and] we spend even more time together. So it forces us to work through it when we don’t want to.


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