Couple Cuteness: Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Cover ‘DuJour’ + Teigen Poses Nude! [Photos]

The couple have both experienced many career highs this year and it appears that John’s Oscar win and Chrissy’s Sports Illustrated cover is just a peek of what is to come for the power couple.

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Teigen is set to host an upcoming ABC talk show titled “The Fab Life”, which will be a brand new experience for her.

I’ve never had a job where it mattered if you were sick. With modeling, as long as you’re not barfing in the photo, no one cares if you’re sick.

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Legend will head back to the studio to work on his new album that is set to be released in 2016 and although that sounds as if the two will be separated, John let DuJour know that he won’t be too far from the love of his life.

I’ll just be wherever she is.

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