Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb Lunceford & Lisa Nicole Cloud Hurl Insults & Glass [VIDEO]

Here’s a clip of things getting physical between the two.

Part 1

Part 2

After the episode aired, Quad took to her blog, writing:

The only possible valid reason for hitting someone is out of self-defense. As a mother of two young and impressionable children who will undoubtedly see or at least hear about this episode, “She Who Shall Not Be Named” of all people should’ve known better. She, as a mother, should not only be teaching her children non-violence she should also be setting the right example for them. Instead, she is continuing her long standing pattern of violent behavior. The fact that her facade was broken and the truth was exposed sent her into an explosion of hysteria. Hence forth, it’s always important to live your truth and not a life of lies. Her husband’s infidelity has been the gossip of discussions for many of the ladies in the group. So why is it when I introduce a supporting detail she became infuriated and physical? She could have easily defused the question by just saying the child wasn’t his. Instead, the heat in the kitchen was too hot and she couldn’t handle it.

Meanwhile, Lisa addressed the incident on Twitter, writing:

I really hoped we could bury this beef. This was our third meeting to hash everything out,. I said I was sorry Quad this summer! I never expcted the lies to come aftr my family for the sake of a TV show.Darren has no childrn outside our marriage …Family is off limits and telling lies for the sake of a tv show story line is below the belt  Fsmily [sic] off limits especially with lies and deceit for the sake of a storyline of drama for a TV show …Wow. hated watching this tonight.I was out of my character.We all have our breaking point. Family is off limits. I apologized many tmes [sic]

P.S. What are your thoughts on last night’s altercation and whose at fault? 

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