Tamar Braxton’s ‘If I Don’t Have You’ Video, Stars NeNe Leakes As A Madame [WATCH]

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Don’t do me. Do the John’s, b*tch.Madame NeNe

Yes, you read correctly — NeNe Leakes (the now ex Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mate) is running her very own brothel in Tamar Braxton’s new video, ‘If I Don’t Have You’. Tamar is also joined in the video by stylist (and ex girlfriend to Rick Ross) Shateria Moragne-EL, Khadijah Haqq McCray and her mother, Evelyn Braxton. 

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On the inspiration behind the video, the singer and Braxton Family Values reality star tells ET:

It’s about being transparent and it’s about being open and honest with the person that you love. It’s just saying, ‘If I don’t have you in my life, I don’t have anything!’ Because sometimes we say things that we don’t mean, and people can get the wrong message by having an argument or not being able to express ourselves, so this song is just something that you can just play and let it talk for you.