Future Says Ciara Brought Russell Wilson Around Their Son Too Soon: Leave my son out of the publicity stunts. [VIDEO]

Ciaria, Russell Wilson, Baby Future, Future

Ciaria, Russell Wilson, Baby Future, Future

Future is quite the chatterbox when it comes to his relationship. This week, he stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his upcoming album Dirty Sprite 2 and of course the topic of Ciara was a heavy part in the conversation. Starting off the interview, they drove straight to the topic of his relationship. Throughout the convo somehow the topic of his ex was able to be intertwined in every question and Future did like his song, and was “honest” on all the answers. Peep a few excerpts.

Why He’s Speaking His Side:

I just wanted to speak on my side, it was my side of the story, now I’m over after I speak about my side. She wasn’t speaking telling a side, she just let it go along. Whatever the people thought about me, she wasn’t saying, ‘don’t say that about him .’ As a couple when you separate, y’all put out a statement saying ‘let us live our respectable lives, leave us alone…’ she just went along with the cheating rumors and never said anything. Issue a statement saying leave our personal life alone.


If “Throw Away” was About Ciara:

It was about any girl who feel like that’s what it’s all about.

Not Being Bitter That She Moved On:

I swear I’m not thinking about her. I’m totally happy and I want her to be totally happy. I’m not bitter, people think I’m bitter because she moved on. I’m taking care of me, I don’t need him, she need him.

The Gun and Football Emoji:

I didn’t do that, but they thought I did that. It was a fake Facebook page. She even thought it was real, she had lawyers start calling about that. It got serious for something I wouldn’t even do.


Authored by: Sharifa Daniels