Joseph C. Phillips Tells All: Claims Bill Cosby Groped, Propositioned & Exposed himself.

Joseph C Smith-Says Bill Cosby Guilty-the jasmine brand

Actor and writer, Joseph C. Phillips who played Lt. Martin Kendall (husband to Lisa Bonet’s character Denise) on The Cosby Show comes forward supporting the allegations that currently have his co-star Bill Cosby under fire for the sexual assault of multiple women during his early career.

As you know, last October, Cosby was accused of the sexual assault of more than 12 women whom all claimed were drugged with Quaaludes before being raped. Recently; sharing his thoughts on the controversial matter, Phillips wrote on a lengthy blog post. In his own words, Joseph states that Cosby may be guilty of these accusations due to the “behavior” he displayed while on set.” He wrote,

Bill sleeping around was a fact that like the air, just seemed to be. You didn’t have to see it or hear it to know it existed.

He went on to say that Cosby had so much “nookie” thrown at him on set and that his wife knew about it.  He describes,

There was also the seeming unending parade of pretty young women that streamed through the studio…if everyone who claimed to know actually knew, then Camille [Cosby’s wife] certainly knew.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta