Dr. Dre & Ice Cube on ‘NWA’ Movie: ‘This Movie Will Keep Shining a Light on—All The Situations That Are Happening’


In less than a month, fans will get an inside view of the group that took the West Coast to its gangsta level and scared the sh*t out of anyone in law enforcement, NWA (Ni—az With Attitude). The group which consisted of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, the late Eazy E, DJ Yella, and MC Ren used their words to express their anger with police brutality, poverty and other issues growing up in Compton, California brought them. The interesting and partially upsetting part about NWA’s era in hip hop and today is that not much has changed. While we may have a black president, a reality none of the members probably ever imagined, the amount of blacks being killed by the hands or guns of police is still high today as it was during the group’s career height.

Like a boomerang the former problems that once were are a reoccurring issue and ahead of their August 14th release Dr. Dre and Ice Cube tell The Hollywood Reporter just that.

THR_NWA_4_ thejasminebrand

Dre expressed that they are no longer being criticized for their straight-forward approach when it came to music instead critics are starting to understand.

It’s crazy how we were getting criticized for this years ago.And now, it’s just like, ‘OK, we understand.’ This movie will keep shining a light on the problem, especially because of all the situations that are happening in Ferguson and here in Los Angeles. It’s definitely going to keep this situation in people’s minds and make sure that everyone out there knows that this is a problem that keeps happening still today.


Authored by: Sharifa Daniels