Reality Star Lisa Nicole Cloud Slams Rumors Husband Is Gay, Says Accuser Wanted 30 Seconds of Fame

Lisa Nicole Cloud and husband Darren

Lisa Nicole Cloud and husband Darren Naugles

Still reeling from allegations of her husband’s infidelity, Lisa Nicole Cloud of Bravo TV’s “Married To Medicine” joins Kandi Burruss and the cast of Kandi Koated Nights on tonight’s episode and addresses the recent “bombshell” about her marriage. See an excerpt of their conversation below.

Kandi: Ok, I can’t not ask this question: the guy that brought up allegations against your husband… Your brother in-law has [written] two long letters taking up for his brother, obviously.

Lisa Nicole: Our family is thick as thieves. They’re pissed.

Kandi: When you put your relationship out there in front of the world, it doesn’t just affect you; it really affects the whole family. When you had this guy out there saying that he’s been with your husband, what did the whole family say? What did you say at first?


Authored by: Kellie Williams