LHHHollywood’s Milan Splits With Boyfriend Miles: Stop with this fake bullsh*t!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Miles, Milan

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Miles, Milan

That was quick! Love & Hip Hop’s first openly male couple have called it quits. As you know, this season VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood introduced an openly gay male couple who work in the music industry. If you’ve watched this season, you’ve witnessed producer Milan Christopher and his boyfriend rapper Miles struggle with their relationship.

[The network initially described Miles as ‘a rapper and songwriter in the hip hop industry. Miles, who struggles with the conflict between his Christian upbringing and his relationship with Milan, also fears the repercussions he may face from the hip hop industry for being in a same sex relationship.’ Milan was described, as ‘a very successful entrepreneur, rapper/producer and model, Milan is on top of the world. The only thing that could make his life happier is if he could get his boyfriend, Miles to live openly with him and start a family.‘]

In short, Miles had not disclosed to his family and ex-girlfriend that he was gay.

Miles Brock

Miles Brock

Anywho, it appears that while they’re attempting to work the kinks out in their relationship on TV, off screen it’s already over.


Authored by: Kellie Williams