Beyoncé’s Dad Mathew Knowles Pissed At BET, Claims Network Stole Reality Show & Gave It to Kelly Rowland

Reportedly, back in 2011, Knowles produced a reality series called Breaking From Above. The goal of the show was to find members for the next superstar girl group to fill the Destiny’s Child void. The show featured five singers from the UK – named From Above – and premiered internationally in November of that year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful, with the group only receiving a digital album release and failing to do much on the charts. As to why BET passed on Knowles’ show, a source says

Mathew’s show aired on Teen Nick because BET, VH1 and MTV passed on carrying the series after his daughter Beyoncé had terminated her working relationship with him and they wanted to stay in her good graces. The idea that BET would turn around a few years later and launch an almost similar project with Kelly, he sees it as the ultimate betrayal.

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The site reports that since Rowland was no longer in contact with Knowles, her one-time guardian, she didn’t think twice when BET approached her with a concept to lead a show about finding the next great girl group. A source explains:

In the past, there was talk that a lot of the deals and opportunities that Mathew received for Kelly and Michelle were offered up to Beyoncé first and sometimes even Solange Knowles and Kelly and Michelle would lose out. Now that Kelly is looking out for herself, she could care less what Mathew thinks about her hosting this show.

Allegedly, Knowles is not only upset about the new show (Chasing Destiny), but he’s also unpleased about the group’s refusal to accept any Destiny’s Child dates or projects. Reportedly, Knowles has a 25-percent interest in the group and the trio doesn’t want to compensate him on potential new earnings.

Michelle Williams ended her business relationship with Knowles in 2010. Beyoncé followed shortly after by firing her father in 2011. Destiny’s Child released their last CD, Destiny Fulfilled, in 2004. Despite Knowles’ recent comments, we’re unsure if fans will ever hear another DC album.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams