(EXCLUSIVE) Ex NBA Star Larry Johnson Settles With Baby Mama, Wants to End Bankruptcy

Tate explained she obtained a child support judgement against Johnson back in 1998 for their daughter. Further, she said that the judgement she obtained ordered Johnson to pay $11k a month and over the past 10 years he has not come even close to that, paying only $500-$1k a month in support.

Larry Johnson, Big Tigger

Larry Johnson, Big Tigger

She explained that Johnson has a annual income of $250k and close to $700k in retirement funds. Tate filed a claim in the bankruptcy saying Johnson owed her $1.8 million in support for their daughter.

Then on September 11th, docs were filed in the case which state Johnson and his baby mama have reached a settlement following several months of “often difficult and intense negotiations” between the two parties.

Per their deal, Johnson has agreed to hand over the deed to the Aliso Viejo, CA home he owns to his baby mama. The home was purchased by Johnson for his baby mama and daughter to live in until their kid turned 25. However, this deal states the NBA star will hand over the rights to the nearly $1 million dollar home to Tate. Further, he will pay $55k to his baby mama over time. The deal will settle all claims against Johnson from Tate and end all beef the two have with each other over child support payments.

Johnson recently returned to court saying since he has settled his beef with his largest creditor – his baby mama – and doesn’t need the bankruptcy case anymore and is asking for it to be dismissed.

The ex-NBA star explains that he no longer needs bankruptcy relief with the battle with Tate being settled. He states that the majority of his debts will be paid off by Tate per their settlement and his accountant is working on an offer to the IRS to settle the $104k debt he owes to them and he plans on working out a deal with a law firm he owes $12k to at the moment.

Johnson says the reason he filed for bankruptcy was to protect the home – where Tate and his daughter live – from being sold off and to settle the debt he owed his baby mama. He states that dismissing his bankruptcy will be in both his creditors and his best interest and he will continue paying his other child support payments and if any creditor has any issue they can sue him in state court. A hearing has been set for later this month where the judge will decide if Johnson will be able to get out of his bankruptcy.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams